Peak Sun Hour




Peak Sun hours is used to design the Off GridPV arrays. The average daily solar insolation in units of kWh/m2 per day is referred to as “peak sun hours”. The term “peak sun hours” refers to the solar insolation which a particular location would receive if the sun were shining at its maximum value for a certain number of hours. Since the peak solar radiation is 1 kW/m2, the number of peak sun hours is numerically identical to the average daily solar insolation. For example, a location that receives 7,7 kWh/m2 per day can be said to have received 7,7 hours of sun per day at 1 kW/m2. Being able to calculate the peak sun hours is useful because PV modules are often rated at an input rating of 1kW/m2. Insolation Peak sun hours (kWh/m2per day)(hours per day at 1kW/m2)