Sun's Energy Supply

Solar energy is the only energy that is available anywhere in the for example in South East Asia. It is clean, unlimited, safe, environment-friendly and cost-effective. Sun energy is free – it can be used by everyone. Once you install a solar panel it will deliver more than 30 years of energy at few maintenance costs and without any increase of price. In Indonesia there is a huge, steadily growing demand. The sun give us a acess to clean, safe, unlimited environment-friendly and cost-effective energy. The irradiance Eo fluctuates between 1325W/m2 and 1420 W/m2, because of the oval Earth’s orbit. The average value is referred to as the solar constant: Solar constant: Eo = 1367W/m2 The “solar constant” includes all types of solar radiation, not just the visible light. Its average value was thought to be approximately The incident solar radiation on earth is called global radiation. A part of it we can see as “light”. In the good weather at noon, irradiance may reach 1000W/m2 on the Earth’s surface. This value is relatively independent of thelocation The annual value of the global radiation varies from a location with up to +/- 10% The maximum insolation occurs on partly cloud, sunny days. As a result of solar radiation reflecting off passing clouds, insolation can peak at up to 1400W/m2 for short periods. On a light cloudy day temperature of solar module is much lower than on bright day. On this days the generator will shortly produce the highest power