Why Solar Energy




The lack of the access to electricity in Indonesia has enormous effect on the economy and the well-being of the people and the country. Residents depend on burning oil and gas with all itsnegative effects and steadily increasing prices.


Solar energy is the only energy that is available everywhere in Indonesia. It is clean, unlimited, safe, environment-friendly and cost-effective. Sun energy is free – it can be used by everyone. Once you install a solar panel it will deliver more than 30 years of energy at few maintenance costs and without any increase of price.


Today’s fossil/ nuclear energy system has lead to separate rooms for energy production and energy consumption. Consumption is everywhere, coal, oil, natural gas, uranium occurs is in only a few countries. The dependencies are increasing. More than 40 countries in the world p more for the import of Energy than they earn from their exports. Income from these Countries are per head only 2-8% of the German. But they have to pay the same amount for electricity.


That means they have no chance with this Energy-System!!! The energy trusts earn 1,5 Million Euro per day from one Atomic power plant! This Energy-System cannot create a hopeful future – is over, even it is represents 80% of the world energy supply. We have perhaps 30 years for the change. Half of the world population lives in cities, mostly in slums. Billion People try to follow the energy.