Complimentary design services

Services: Complementary Design

Complementary Design Services

Get a complementary expert Design of your PV-array, in example for inverter, battery and charge controller. Send us the project data and specifications, we assist you with the design of your project, in example:

  • Inverter Design: send us number and datasheet of the solar modules and other requirements.
  • Module Design: send us data of the area in question.
  • Battery Design: send us the load by day time in kWh all other requirements.
  • Charge Controller Design: send info about modules, load, battery
  • Cable Design: we need length of the string/ cable, connected power, voltage and current, DC/AC.

Save cost trough i.e. our inverter design. Thought 20 years’ experience you will receive a very cost saving design combined with the highest possible yield!