Sunny Sensorbox

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The weather station for PV plants

The Sunny SensorBox is installed directly onto the modules and measures the sun radiation and temperature. In combination with Sunny WebBox and Sunny Portal, it provides a continuous target-actual comparison of plant performance. This makes it possible to detect shade, dirt, and gradually declining performance in a generator and thus maximizes yield security. Additional sensors for optional measurement of ambient temperature or wind speed permit more precise calculations.

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Innovation and precision for your performance monitoring Complete system monitoring easily installed The Sunny SensorBox is installed outdoors at the solar generator, and comes with an integrated solar cell, which measures solar irradiation. The module temperature is measured by means of the temperature sensor which is included. From the present solar irradiation level and the module temperature, it is possible to calculate the expected output, and to compare it  with the actual measured output of the inverters. Temporary or continuous yield losses caused by unknown failure sources are therefore a thing of the past.

... extendable

Once the Sunny SensorBox has been aligned to the modules, it is simply connected with the inverters to  a Sunny WebBox with an RS485 data connection.  From there, the data can be transferred to a PC for further processing,  or  to  the  Sunny  Portal  for automatic performance  analysis.  The  Sunny  SensorBox also enables the connection of additional sensors, e.g. to measure the ambient temperature or wind speed  for calculations which are even more precise. This ensures reliable system monitoring for operators and maximum yield security.

Performance ratio as a quality indicator

Shadowing, defects, surface contamination and gradual malfunctions such as deteriorating modules have a serious impact on the generator yield and the overall performance and are not to be underestimated. Particularly annoying for the operator is the fact that  the losses in yield could have been avoided in most cases if the error had been detected in time. The system efficiency of the PV-plant (performance ratio) is therefore an essential value. The performance ratio indicates the ratio of actual yield to the theoretically possible yield. Since the performance ratio indicates how the irradiated energy on the generator side is exploited, it is the decisive quality factor for the performance of the entire PV system. This is where the Sunny SensorBox comes into play.


• Rapid error detection via continuous target actual comparison of plant performance

• Precise acquisition of irradiation intensity, module temperature, ambient temperature and wind speed values

Easy to install
• Easy installation on the solar generator
• Simple integration into existing PV plants via RS485
• Data analysis on any PC or in the Sunny Portal

Technical Data

Technical Data

Manufacturer SMA
Weight in kg: 0.5000
Dimensions (length x width x height) : 90 x 120 x 50 mm


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