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RS485 cabling – simply without obstacles

Now distance can be bridged easily: SMA’s Wireless-Set485 allows wireless contact between two sections of a PV plant with RS485 communication. It can be used where laying cable would be impossible. In this way, the Wireless-Set’s radio modules connect two buildings, for example. Overcoming construction obstacles like streets, railway segments or rivers can be now realized without underground cabling. The Wireless-Set covers a distance of up to 500 meters in an open field and can be flexibly applied in almost any case.

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Technical Data



Wireless-based data transfer over long distances

The particularity of the innovative set: it transfers the data via radio  technology with a point-to-point connection and needs no additional cabling between these two points. The set's radio module has a long range and can transport data up to 500 meters away.

The separate antenna is ideally suited for outdoor installation; therefore, you can achieve an optimal range in a few steps and you avoid radio wave absorbing materials such as thick concrete walls.

Simple: quickly installed and preconfigured
From the radio module to the wall powWireless-based data transfer over long distances power  supply – the Wireless-Set485 has everything needed for commissioning. The additional quick installation poster ,which is included, will  help you  with the simple and easy installation close to your SMA devices. The Wireless-Set is already completely preconfigured by SMA, therefore no further software settings are needed. This means: saving time and costs.

Flexible: data transfer at any place of use.

Further advantage for your clients: no socket is needed  for the power plug in the vicinity of the radio. The voltage is provided by using a power injector via the data cable. The power injector can be up to 30 meters away from the radio module. In this way you can place the module in a way such that it achieves a maximal range. This allows for contact between two  installation sections even in hard-to-reach areas.

Two sets – for any requirement

The Wireless-Set485-01 includes the basic equipment for the connection of two elements in a solar plant.
The Wireless-Set485-02 uses the already existing power injector of the first set and it is specially configured so that parallel operation with the fi rst set in easily possible

Technical Data

Technical Data

Manufacturer SMA
Weight in kg: 0.1500
Dimensions (length x width x height) : 30 x 70 x 95 mm


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