Smart Inverter SMA Sunny Boy 3.6 TL INT

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It comes with everything. The new Sunny Boy Smart Energy forms part of the SMA Integrated Storage Solution and is currently the easiest solution for typical household PV applications. This combination of a modern PV inverter and a battery with an effective capacity of 2 kWh not only optimizes increased self-consumption but also makes easy use of home-generated solar power possible virtually around the clock.

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The Sunny Boy Smart Energy is the first wall-mountable, series-produced PV inverter to feature an integrated lithium-ion battery, making it perfect for use in the SMA Smart Home. Additionally, the integrated Webconnect function provides worldwide access to consumption and yield data via Sunny Portal.

An Excellent Combination

Sunny Boy and Battery

With its integrated battery, the Sunny Boy Smart Energy offers two advantages. Not only does it provide a sensible way to increase self-consumption, but it also makes it easy to use self-produced solar power after the sun goes down.

  • Significantly reduced initial investment thanks to an application-oriented battery capacity of 2 kWh
  • No need to design the battery system – so no battery expertise is required
  • Quick and easy wall mounting
  • Efficient charge management and load control
  • Maximized reliability through lithium-ion cells from LG Chem

The Simple Storage Solution

SMA Integrated Storage System

Together with the Sunny Home Manager, the Sunny Boy Smart Energy is the central component of the SMA Integrated Storage System. It offers an incredibly easy path to greater independence as part of the SMA Smart Home intelligent energy management.

  • Approximately 52 percent less electricity purchased from electric utility companies*
  • Self-consumption rate increased from 30 percent to typically 55 percent**
  • Usage of solar power possible nearly 24 hours a day
  • All PV power generated annually is used even when the active power is limited to 70

Intelligent Energy Management

SMA Smart Home

Within the SMA Smart Home, the Sunny Boy Smart Energy and Sunny Home Manager ensure that self-produced solar power is used in the best possible way, intelligently distributed and – as an option – stored. This delivers increased self-consumption, improves transparency and guarantees greater independence.

  • Planning reliability and cost savings with solar power at fixed, low rates
  • Maximize the eco-friendliness of your energy supply by using solar power from your own roof
  • Greater independence with no compromises in terms of comfort or supply reliability
  • Automatic optimization functions that take individual preferences into account
  • Cost-saving potential is made visible through complete energy budget transparency

Technical Data

Technical Data

Manufacturer SMA
Rated power : 3680 W
Maximum Power (Pmax) : 3680 VA
Grid Voltage : 230 V
Frequency/ Range : 50 Hz, 60 Hz / ± 5 Hz
Rated current / maximum output current (peak) 16 A
Maximum AC input current -
Maximum Recommended PV Power : 5200 W
Minimum Input Voltage for Feeding : 125 V
Number of Independent MPP Inputs : 2
Maximum Input Current : 15 A
Max. Input Voltage : 750 V
Rated input voltage / DC voltage range 350 V / 175 V - 500 V
Maximum battery charging current 12.5 A
Battery Type : BAT-2.0-A-SE-10
Protection class : I
Dimensions (length x width x height) : 252 x 877 x 711 mm
Weight in kg: 30.0000


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