Sunny Multigate

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Sunny Multigate
The Sunny Multigate is a communication unit and forms the electrical connection point of the PV system with a maximum of twelve micro inverters to the utility grid. The Sunny Multigate is equipped with an integrated disconnection point for grid monitoring. The Sunny Multigate is connected between the micro inverters and the utility grid to feed the alternating current of the micro inverters collectively into the utility grid. The product is designed for indoor use only.

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Sunny Multigate Installation manual
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The Sunny Multigate must be installed and operated in a distribution box.
• A maximum of twelve micro inverters can be connected to the Sunny Multigate.
• No loads must be connected between the Sunny Boy and the Sunny Multigate.
• No loads must be connected between the Sunny Multigate and the circuit breaker.
• The grounding conductor of the AC cable from the inverter must be connected to the Sunny Multigate.
• The grounding conductor of the Sunny Multigate must be connected to the equipotential bonding of the AC distribution board.
• The Sunny Multigate must not be opened.
All components must remain within their permitted operating ranges at all times.
The product must only be used in countries for which it is approved or released by SMA Solar Technology AG and the grid operator.
Use this product only in accordance with the information provided in the enclosed documentation and with the locally applicable standards and directives. Any other application may cause personal injury or property damage.
Alterations to the product, e.g. changes or modifications, are only permitted with the express written permission of SMA Solar Technology AG. Unauthorized alterations will void guarantee and warranty claims and usually void the operation permit. SMA Solar Technology AG shall not be held liable for any damage caused by such changes. Any use of the product other than that described in the Intended Use section does not qualify as appropriate.
The enclosed documentation is an integral part of this product. Keep the documentation in a convenient place for future reference and observe all instructions contained therein. The type label must remain permanently attached to the product.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Manufacturer SMA
Maximum Recommended PV Power : Wp
Max. Input Voltage : V
Minimum Input Voltage for Feeding : V
Maximum Input Current : A
Number of Independent MPP Inputs : No
Grid Voltage : 230 V
Rated power : 2760 W
Frequency/ Range : 50 Hz / 45.5 Hz to 63 Hz
Maximum Efficiency : %
Protection class : IP 20
Dimensions (length x width x height) : 162 / 90 / 68 mm
Weight in kg: 0.7500


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